Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two new pieces

"Iron Maiden" above, and detail of same below

"Keen In Repose"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New and Old Pieces added to the gallery / March 2010

"Keen (I'm Gonna Bop You in the Face)" Feb. 2010, and below, the dog herself
Billy and Bill / and two detail shots of same. A six by three foot painting, hard to shoot, and a bit shiny. Done around 1990/91

Below: Four images from a Tarot and Playing Card series / early experiments

Below: FROGELOPE (2009)
and the pencil study for the Frogelope
A Froggy Birthday card
Self-portrait with Sharpies, 2009
ST. UB KITTY / detail
ST. UB KITTY, full size. Another three by six foot giant, hard to photograph. Done around 1990/91, and later used as a logo/mascot for Big City Orchestra. Based on a tiny collage by dAs, it has now been re-imagined by at least three different artists.