Thursday, January 3, 2013

Art Show / Gallery Wall of My Stuff in Asheville

A portion of the 2012 gallery showing of my work in Asheville, NC. Featuring the sculpture "Fluffy Jack, the Were-Rabbit" in the lower center. Includes many different ultraviolet/blacklight pieces.

"Alice" Blacklight Series Samples

Three examples from the Ultraviolet Alice series. Ink and blacklight colors. There are many more images in this series.

Top Banner for Facebook Page / "Keen Heads"

Mixed media on paper, scaled to fit into the top area of a Facebook profile. 2013 update: I received a wonderful compliment on this piece from CAL SCHENKEL via Facebook, which was very touching!

"Everest" Album Cover / WFMU Article Illustration

Illustration commission for an online article. Depicts an imaginary Beatles lp cover: What Abbey Road might have looked like if they had stuck with the original tentative title, "Everest".  Created with different papers cut and collaged together, and a little bit of crayon and ink rendering on top.

Birthday Card for Deann

Watercolor on paper / 2012

Animal Shelter Cartoon

Done for a local animal shelter, they changed the caption and made it a bit funnier...