Thursday, January 3, 2013

Art Show / Gallery Wall of My Stuff in Asheville

A portion of the 2012 gallery showing of my work in Asheville, NC. Featuring the sculpture "Fluffy Jack, the Were-Rabbit" in the lower center. Includes many different ultraviolet/blacklight pieces.


Bill Thompson said...

Hello Drew, I found your WFMU blog postings about Thurl Ravenscroft - thanks a lot for providing those. I have been gathering information about the "Little Country Church of Hollywood" radio broadcast, and now have 24 of the 15 minute radio broadcasts from the 1930's in MP3 format. I would be glad to share those with you, on the condition that they not be broadcast or posted on the Web - that was the requirement of the Billy Graham archives when they sent me the raw files. I had to speed-correct them and create a separate file for each show. Email me at

Maddie said...

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